Kindle Borrowing Program

The Independence Library Learning Commons is thrilled to offer Amazon Kindle e-reading devices for student use! We currently have six Kindles and an eBook library of Mark Twain Nominee titles that are available for 4th & 5th Graders to checkout and use both at home and at school. Kindles are fantastic, portable e-readers that weigh less than a paperback, but can hold around 3,500 books! 

Some other wonderful features are:

  • E-Ink that can be read in bright sunlight and does not tire your eyes
  • Instantly adjust the font size to make reading easier
  • An onboard dictionary to instantly look up unfamiliar words
  • Highlight and make annotations or notes for sections of text
  • Text-to-speech feature can read sections of text out loud to help with pronounciations (not available for all titles)
  • For more information, check out Amazon’s Kindle Features Page


Frequently Asked Questions

This sounds fabulous! How do I take advantage of this?

The first step is to download and return the Kindle Permission Slip to the library. Because of the expense and responsibility needed to borrow a Kindle, parent permission is required before students may check one out.

Once you have a permission slip on file, you are free to borrow a Kindle if there is one available. If not, we’ll put your name on a waiting list.

How long can I keep it?

Kindles will have a loan period of two weeks. If you’d like to keep it longer, you can bring it to the library and renew it (unless someone is on the waiting list, of course).

What eBooks are available?

We have a library of eBooks that are pre-loaded onto our Kindles. All of our titles are past or present Mark Twain Nominees.

What comes with the Kindle?

Each Kindle will come with a protective cover. Please keep it in the cover while you have it! Kindles will NOT be checked out with a battery charger. They will be fully charged when checked out to you. The battery life is around 30 days – way more than the loan period.

Can I download books to it myself?

No! Doing so would be in violation of the terms of use and may result in a loss of library privileges.

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